(WHAT IS THIS) a collective? we used to say a record label but you wouldn't believe the kinds of things we'd get in the mail. we have been documenting the sounds made by a small group of people in northeastern pennsylvania since 2008. most of our releases are available as free downloads through bandcamp.

2017.07.30 - Two new releases today!

#63 BUBBLE CRUSHER - 1 - we are so excited to share the debut recording from this father/son free improv duo from wilkes-barre, pa. all explorations of the frontier should be this joyful. have you heard that brötzmann/bennink record where they're basically just out playing around in the woods somewhere? not saying this necessarily sounds like that, but it gives us that same feeling inside when we hear it. "imbued with the same spirit," let's go with that. this is beautiful, whimsical, experimental music that makes us so god damn happy to be alive.

#64 SNAKE EGGS - Sword Fights II - snake eggs' 9th album is finally with us. this time around, the focal point seems to be some sort of disintegrated approach to american primitivism beneath layers of hiss and drone. other stuff is happening, too. derek bailey and phil lesh had the same dream and argued about it the next morning. there was a bat in my house last night. more mind melding, mind melting jams from these miscreant fools.